You can use the on-line City of Markham's Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest to find and print information about heritage properties in Markham.Heritage property in Markham

The site is designed specifically to help citizens locate heritage properties and learn more about the City's heritage resources. Some of the properties are designated under the Ontario Heritage Act either as individual properties (Part IV designation) or as a property within a heritage conservation district (Part V designation). Please note that non-heritage properties located within a heritage district are considered designated and are included in this inventory.

Please be advised that the name and address of owners of property designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act (individually designated properties) are not included in the electronic version of the Register, but as per Section 27 of the Act, are available upon request from the Development Services Commission. The municipality will issue this information from the Register (as well as copies of Register pages) to any person subject to the payment of the prescribed fee.

This inventory is a work in progress. New information is being added on a regular basis. Every time you visit the website you may find new information. This information is provided for general information only.

Follow this link, for detailed descriptions of the Architectural Styles of our Heritage buildings.

For more information about heritage status of properties please contact:

Heritage Section
Development Services Commission
101 Town Centre Boulevard
Markham, Ontario, L3R 9W3


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