City of Markham    
Markham Register of Property of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest
Address: 97 MAIN ST N
Original Address:
Property Legal Description: PLAN 18 BLK D PT LOT 16
Historical Name: Reive's Store
Heritage Conservation District: Markham Village
Ward: 4
Year Built: c. 1873
Architect Style: Classic Revival, Vernacular.
Heritage Status of Property: Part V (Heritage)
Designation Bylaw:
Heritage Easement Agreement: No
History Description
This tall brick building with a store on the ground floor and storage or residential quarters above was built by Christian Reesor in 1873. He was a successful farmer in Locust Hill and did not reside in Markham Village. This impressive commercial building was constructed as an income property, rented to business operators. The Reesor family erected a similar commercial building next door to the south c.1885 (91 Main Street North).The property was inherited by Christian and Melissa Ann Reesor’s son, Frank E. N. Reesor in 1877. Like his father, he was a successful farmer in Locust Hill and did not reside in Markham Village. In the mid-1890s, a grocery store occupied the commercial space. In 1902, the property was sold to Thomas B. Reive, who operated a general store. His son Harold S. Reive took over the business in 1919, and a sign on the front of the building, shown in an archival photograph taken about 1927, made the claim that this was “Markham’s Best Store.”
Contemporary Photograph Heritage Photograph
Key Map
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