City of Markham    
Markham Register of Property of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest
Address: 140 MAIN ST N
Original Address: See 144 Main Street North
Property Legal Description: CONC 7 PT LOT 12
Historical Name: William and Eliza House
Heritage Conservation District: Markham Village
Ward: 3
Year Built: c. 1852
Architect Style: Ontario Cottage, Regency
Heritage Status of Property: Part V (Heritage)
Designation Bylaw:
Heritage Easement Agreement: Yes
History Description
In 1852, James Crosby sold Joseph Byron Lot 7, Block N, Plan 18. Byron was a tailor in Markham Village. The following year, he sold the property at a significantly higher value from his original purchase price to William Browning, a watch and clock maker. Browning also sold jewelry, and there was a telegraph office here as well, operated in 1861 by his son, Joseph Browning. Because no building was illustrated on Markham Village Plan 18 (1850), it appears that the existing brick dwelling was built on this property after 1850. During World War I, a military recruitment office was housed in the building. The property remained in the ownership of the Browning family until 1921, when Joseph Browning sold to Elizabeth G. Freeman. That same year, Elizabeth Freeman gifted the property to the Markham Village Public Library Association and for many years the village library was located in this modest building until a new building was constructed in 1967. In 1985, the municipality sold the property for the development of Markham Village Lanes.
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Key Map
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